What's new in our area of coverage.

On this page we'll be letting you know of any recent changes in the area that we cover and the material that we're working on.  We will also be detailing recently published new titles and letting you know of Family History events which we plan to attend.



Many of the archives we visit have been hit by reduced funding which has resulted in reduced opening hours and/or reduced document production times.  Please ensure before setting out to visit an archive that it won't be closed when you arrive and, if you know reference numbers, order documents in advance of your visit.     

We last visited Reading on January 9th when we continued our transcription of the Wokingham Charity records and
the Reading Wesleyan & Reading Primitive circuit birth registers recently deposited there. 

In Aylesbury we are transcribing the records of Borlase Grammar School, Marlow. 

In Chelmsford we are transcribing a number of pre-1841 census returns for various parts of Essex and the records of the Colchester Wesleyan Methodist Circuit.

Our transcription work on the Tewkesbury Abbey registers, held at Gloucester, continues.  We have completed the baptismal entries 1812-1913 and are now transcribing the post 1812 burial entries.
We are also transcribing various records relating to Tetbury including an eighteenth century Religious Census of the town. 

In Winchester we are transcribing the Winchester Union Workhouse Birth and Death Registers.

In Northampton w
e are transcribing the entries in the Peterborough Wesleyan Methodist Circuit baptism registers. 

At Oxford we're working on a second volume of our  'People of Henley on Thames' publication.  The Oxfordshire History Centre now has closures on various Saturdays due to falling attendance figures on that day.  Please check with the Centre before travelling there on a Saturday. 

Our last visit to Warwick was on May 26th when we progressed our transcription of the Warwick charity records and the records of Alcester Presbyterian and Baptist churches. 

At Woking we're transcribing the Workhouse Birth and Death registers of the Chertsey Union..

We last visited Chippenham, on November 16th, when we continued our transcriptions of the Swindon Wesleyan Methodist Circuit baptism registers and the records of Monks and Corsham Congregational Church.  

Our transcription work at Worcester is 'on hold' until further notice.  When we next visit we'll be continuing our work on the records of Stourbridge Presbyterian Church and the Worcester Angel Street Congregational Church.     



The following were published in October 2019.

EUR473 Peterborough Wesleyan Methodist Circuit - Volume One - Baptisms 1822-1871.
Price £5.50 plus postage and packing.  http://www.eurekapartnership.com/page32.htm

EUR474 The People of Bampton.
Price £5.00 plus postage and packing.  http://www.eurekapartnership.com/page42.htm

EUR475 The People of The Baldons.
Price £3.50 plus postage/packing.  http://www.eurekapartnership.com/page42.htm

EUR476 Creaton Congregational Church - Baptisms, Burials and Members.
Price £5.50 plus postage and packing.  http://www.eurekapartnership.com/page32.htm


We have no planned events at present but we expect to be attending the Buckinghamshire Family
History Society Open Day in late July 2020 and the Oxfordshire Family History Society Open Day in
early October 2020.